CNS 2023

The Miller Lab presents at CNS 2023 and rocked out with Pavlov's Dogz ! Selin Bekir presented a poster about a modulatory role of progesterone in inter- and intra-hemispheric functional connectivity of the inferior frontal gyrus. Courtney Durdle presented a poster about using resting state functional connectivity as a predictor for shifting behavior during a recognition memory paradigm. Luna Li presented a poster about individual differences in strategically and implicitly reinforced criterion shifting in recognition memory. Tyler Santander presented a poster about distributed representations of familiarity and decisional processes in recognition memory via dense-sampling fMRI. Evan Layher presented a poster about the intraparietal sulcus' role in criterion shifting during recognition memory versus visual detection tests. Henri Skinner presented a poster about dissociating sources of sustained attention failures via reward, and Christina Boardman presented a poster about criterion shift association of EEG.

URCA 2022

Miller lab members present at the URCA Conference. Aarushi Agrawal presented a poster about the effects of oral hormonal contraceptives on the ease of recall of an emotional autobiographical memory. Tanya Bhatia presented her work in the Bionic Vision Lab about the strategies, challenges, and technology use by blind people in cooking and other daily living activities. Patrick Sweeney presented a poster about the effects of confidence feedback on sequential dependencies and metacognitive efficiency in recognition memory.

CNS 2022

The Miller lab presents at CNS with the Grafton and Lapate labs. Evan Layher presented a poster about widespread frontoparietal networks associated with decision criterion during recognition memory in a dense sampling fMRI study. Selin Bekir presented a poster about a dense sampling and intrinsic functional connectivity approach to progesterone and interhemispheric decoupling. Tyler Santander, Sara Leslie, and Luna Li presented a poster about a meta-analytic tool for modeling and optimizing transcranial electrical stimulation effects.