New issue on Self-Affirmation in Educational Contexts published in Journal of Social Issues

September 01, 2021

A forthcoming special issue of the Journal of Social Issues has been published online: Self-affirmation Theory in Educational Contexts: Exploring whether, when, why and how self-affirmation interventions are effective at reducing educational inequalities. The special issue was co-edited by Prof. Peter Harris (Sussex), Prof Matthew Easterbrook, and Professor David Sherman. The special issue was created after a meeting sponsored by the European Association of Social Psychology and the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues. The meeting, held at University of Sussex, UK in June 2019 entitled, “Self-affirmation in Education: Why, when, and how are self-affirmation interventions effective at reducing educational inequalities?” formed the basis for this special issue. The introductory article can be read here:

Easterbrook, M. J., Harris, P. R., & Sherman, D. K. (2021). Self-affirmation theory in educational contexts. Journal of Social Issues.