Health Psychology & COVID-19

After the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Professor David Sherman of UC Santa Barbara conducted a series of interviews with public health workers, policy scholars, and health psychology researchers to discuss their experience and research related to this global pandemic. With grants from the Association for Psychological Science Fund for Teaching and Public Understanding of Psychological Science and UCSB Instructional Development, Professor Sherman and his students compiled these materials for use by other instructors of Health Psychology as well as the broader community.

There is also a syllabus for the project. (Link to syllabus).

In addition to the 13 individual videos, we have created a 65-minute compilation video that includes excerpts from the videos and additional narration from Spring 2021 to provide some context.

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Health Psychology & COVID-19 Compilation

May 24, 2021

This is a compilation of videos taken in 2020 for the Health Psychology & COVID-19 Video Project. 

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Unit 1A - Hongbo Yu & David Sherman

May 29, 2020

Hongbo Yu from UCSB interviews David Sherman about the Health Psychology & COVID-19 project. 

Unit 1B - Traci Mann

May 20, 2020

David Sherman interviews Traci Mann from University of Minnesota about teaching Health Psychology in the era of COVID-19.

Unit 2A - Howard Leventhal

May 27, 2020

David Sherman interviews Howard Leventhal from Rutgers University about his research on the 1957-1958 influenza pandemic and the common sense model of illness, and the relevance of this work for COVID-19.

Unit 2B - Josh Kuntzman

June 17, 2020

David Sherman interviews Josh Kuntzman from UCSB about his experience as someone who contracted and then recovered from COVID-19, and his COVID-19 educational efforts including a Youtube video he made while ill. 

Unit 3A - Robert Sapolsky

June 24, 2020

David Sherman interviews Robert Sapolsky from Stanford University about stress and social affiliation in response to COVID-19.

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Unit 3B - Edwin Feliciano

May 28, 2020

David Sherman interviews Edwin Feliciano, MD from UCSB Student Health about mental health and how UCSB Student Health is adapting to the challenges COVID-19 and providing services to students.

Unit 3C - Nancy Sin

December 22, 2020

David Sherman interviews Nancy Sin from the University of British Columbia about teaching Health Psychology as well as her research on the role of aging in coping with the ups and downs of daily life during COVID-19.  

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Unit 4A - Jeffrey Fisher and William Fisher

April 30, 2020

David Sherman interviews Jeffrey Fisher from University of Connecticut and William Fisher from University of Western Ontario about the Information-Motivation-Behavioral Skills Model and COVID-19.

Unit 4B - Angela Duckworth

June 08, 2020

David Sherman interviews Angela Duckworth from the University of Pennsylvania about promoting health behaviors (wearing masks, getting vaccinated when a vaccine becomes available) to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

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Unit 5A - Paige Farrenkopf

April 16, 2020

David Sherman interviews Paige Farrenkopf, UCSB 2019 alum, about working for the Santa Barbara Department of Public Health.

Unit 5B - Robert Kaplan

May 07, 2020

David Sherman interviews Robert Kaplan from Stanford University about public health and COVID-19.

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Unit 6A - Dairine Pearson

April 22, 2020

David Sherman interviews Dairine Pearson, LCSW, UCSB 2006 alum, about her experiences with COVID-19 as a grief counselor and in hospice care.

Unit 6B - Cameron Brick

May 13, 2020

David Sherman interviews Cameron Brick (UCSB PhD 2015) from University of Amsterdam (NL) about environmental psychology and COVID-19.

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