Health Psychology & COVID-19

Robert Sapolsky

June 24, 2020

David Sherman interviews Robert Sapolsky from Stanford University about stress and social affiliation in response to COVID-19. 

Josh Kuntzman

June 17, 2020

David Sherman interviews Josh Kuntzman from UCSB about his experience as someone who contracted and then recovered from COVID-19, and his COVID-19 educational efforts including a Youtube video he made while ill. 

Angela Duckworth

June 08, 2020

David Sherman interviews Angela Duckworth from the University of Pennsylvania about promoting health behaviors (wearing masks, getting vaccinated when a vaccine becomes available) to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 


Hongbo Yu & David Sherman

May 29, 2020

Hongbo Yu from UCSB interviews David Sherman about the Health Psychology & COVID-19 project. 

Edwin Feliciano

May 28, 2020

David Sherman interviews Edwin Feliciano, MD from UCSB Student Health about mental health and how UCSB Student Health is adapting to the challenges COVID-19 and providing services to students.

Howard Leventhal

May 27, 2020

David Sherman interviews Howard Leventhal from Rutgers University about his research on the 1957-1958 influenza pandemic and the common sense model of illness, and the relevance of this work for COVID-19.

Traci Mann

May 20, 2020

David Sherman interviews Traci Mann from University of Minnesota about teaching Health Psychology in the era of COVID-19.

Cameron Brick

May 13, 2020

David Sherman interviews Cameron Brick (UCSB PhD 2015) from University of Amsterdam (NL) about environmental psychology and COVID-19.

Robert Kaplan

May 07, 2020

David Sherman interviews Robert Kaplan from Stanford University about public health and COVID-19.

Jeffrey Fisher and William Fisher

April 30, 2020

David Sherman interviews Jeffrey Fisher from University of Connecticut and William Fisher from University of Western Ontario about the Information-Motivation-Behavioral Skills Model and COVID-19.

Dairine Pearson

April 22, 2020

David Sherman interviews Dairine Pearson, LCSW, UCSB 2006 alum, about her experiences with COVID-19 as a grief counselor and in hospice care.

Paige Farrenkopf

April 16, 2020

David Sherman interviews Paige Farrenkopf, UCSB 2019 alum, about working for the Santa Barbara Department of Public Health.