The Decline Effect

Recently we have begun to document the surprising range of domains that appear to have evidenced decline effects, and begun speculating about the host of alternative accounts (from the banal to the spectacular) that might account for them (Schooler, 2012). We  (Mooneyham et al, 2012: Schooler, 2012, ) have argued that understanding the decline effect may require a major revision to the scientific process whereby scientists log their protocols before conducting their research and then report their findings, regardless of out come, afterwards in an open access repository. We are currently working with the Fetzer Foundation to organize a major meeting of scientists from various disciplines to consider alternative accounts of the decline effect and approaches for rigorously addressing.


Selected Publications


Jonathan Schooler

My lab’s research takes a “big picture” perspective in attempting to understand the nature of mental life, and in particular consciousness. Combining empirical, philosophical, and contemplative traditions, we address broad questions that cross traditional disciplinary boundaries.

John Protzko

Protzko is an Assistant Professor at Central Connecticut State University, Director of the ASSUMPTION lab, and Associate Director of the Psychological Science Accelerator. He studies underlying assumptions of people, scientists, and society. This work is primarily in metascience, social psychology, and cognitive psychology.

Benjamin Kaveladze

Benji is working primarily with John Protzko on research exploring The Decline Effect.