The fate of memory: Comment on McCloskey and Zaragoza

TitleThe fate of memory: Comment on McCloskey and Zaragoza
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1985
AuthorsLoftus E.F., Schooler J.W., Wagenaar W.
JournalJournal of Experimental Psychology: General

McCloskey and Zaragoza (1985) argue that misleading poslevent suggestions do not affect the availability of originally encoded information. Their hypothesis stems from empirical work using a modified paradigm in which no effect of postevent information is observed. Although their "no impairment" hypothesis is plausible, careful consideration of the predictions of their experimental test suggests that it may be insufficiently sensitive to reveal the impact of postevent information. A small effect of postevent information can be observed when their paradigm is repeated with a more sensitive recognition test. McCloskey and Zaragoza’s no impairment hypothesis is also difficult to reconcile with numerous reports of "blend" memories that reflect a compromise between the original and postevent information.

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