Reflections on a memory discovery

TitleReflections on a memory discovery
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1997
AuthorsSchooler J.W.
JournalChild Maltreatment

Comments on the D. L. Corwin and E. Olafson (1997) presentation of the history, verbatim transcripts, and behavioral observations of a child’s disclosure of sexual abuse to one of the authors in 1984 and the spontaneous return of that reportedly unrecallable memory during a videotaped interview between the same individual and the author 11 yrs later. The current author notes that although the emotional intensity of the video makes it very compelling, it also raises the concern that the drama of the moment could overshadow potential disparities or alternative accounts. Analysis of the case suggests that although the S appears to have had an authentic memory discovery experience corresponding to actual abuse, the nature of her intermediate forgetting and the accuracy of some components of her discovered memory remain in question

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