Consciousness, Metacognition and the Unconscious

TitleConsciousness, Metacognition and the Unconscious
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsWinkielman P.W., Schooler J.W.
Book TitleSage Handbook of Social Cognition

What are we aware of? What do we know about our own thoughts and feelings? These questions about consciousness and metacognition lie at the heart of social cognition – a field that relies on concepts and methods of cognitive psychology, cognitive science, and neuroscience to understand how people think about others and themselves. Importantly, these questions need answers not only because they are scientifically fascinating but also because it is practically important to examine how in daily life people manage to (sometimes) answer questions like: “What are you thinking about right now?,” “How do you feel right now?,” “How much do you want to drink?,” “Do you want to smoke?,” “Do you dislike this social group?,” “Do you find this person attractive?,” “Did you enjoy this piece of music?,” “Did you notice this object?,” “Do you understand this passage of text?,” and “Were you influenced ...