Mind Meld 136 – The Answer You Seek Will Bring More Questions with Dr. Jonathan Schooler

December 12, 2018

Musings in this mind meld

How Dr. Schooler found himself researching consciousness and the mind

The phenomenon of false memory

The hard problem of consciousness 

What consciousness is, isn’t and might be

Dr. Schooler’s “resonance” hypothesis and the importance of “frequency”

Is consciousness intrinsic to the universe or just anchored to matter?

Possible techniques to improve your ability to recall information more effectively

Meta-cognition, meta-awareness and how they make us human

Do animals have meta-cognition/self-awareness?

Why it’s important to “tether” the mind

The limitations of language

How we learn, ah-ha moments and the importance of “incubation”

Why we can’t capture or accurately report ineffable experiences

Is reality an illusion constructed by our senses?

Is it possible that precognition is real? Does science have anything to say about it?

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