Mindful Education Initiative featured in Time Magazine

September 10, 2018

Dr. Michael Mrazek and the CMHP Mindful Education Initiative were featured in the latest Time Magazine special edition: The New Mindfulness

An excerpt from the article:

"Mrazek and his team are developing an online program using mindfulness practices to increase academic achievement in high schoolers. 

"That's a tall order," says Mrazek, "but I think there's a whole series of steps along the way that would be very meaningful to achieve, such as increasing attention spans, reducing stress and even just developing an appreciation for the value of focus." 

That's something that is missing in the multitasking madness of the modern high schooler who is regularly working on homework with an internet browser open while watching a video in yet another tab. "The students that we spoke to told us it is completely normal," says Mrazek. "They don't recognize the downsides. I think the skill of being present and valuing that as something useful in life is sorely needed;'

Two high schools in Illinois are already road testing the program. Mrazek and his team meet with students and teachers to get feedback to improve it. In the fall they will branch out to schools in California and Minnesota with the goal of launching nationwide by the fall of 2019."