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Interested in becoming a META Lab Research Assistant?

Interested in becoming a META Lab Research Assistant? Dr. Schooler's Memory, Emotion, Thought, & Awareness (META) Lab is looking for a dedicated and hardworking Research Assistants to join our team. We are looking for students eager to fulfill leadership positions and are accepting both volunteer and for credit positions. Duties include working with physiological measures, running experiments, preparing stimuli, coding, data entry, literature reviews and more! If interested, please review the META RA Requirements and complete the RA Application. Please send your completed application to: with the subject line "RA position." If you're interested in receiving credit, please review the link and visit the psychology undergraduate advisors in the psychology department.


Please make sure that you meet the requirements if you wish to enroll in a PSY 99/199

  • To enroll in Psy 199, a student must be a full Psychology or Biopsychology major and have upper division standing. All other students must enroll in Psy 99.
  • Students must have a 3.0 GPA.
  • Students must be enrolled at UCSB for at least 2 quarters before they can enroll in Psy 99 or 199.
  • All students must enroll in their first quarter of Psy 99 or 199 for P/NP grading option.
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