Kathleen Vohs

Marketing Research


Kathleen Vohs, Professor of Marketing and Land 'O Lakes Professor of Excellence in Marketing, has an extensive background in psychology. She applies her understanding of psychological science to business issues in order to advance new areas of marketing research.  Vohs's research specialties include self-regulation (particularly in terms of predicting impulsive spending, overeating among dieters, and making a bad impression); self-processes (such as self-esteem); the effects of making choices on self-regulatory ability; the effects of the mere presence of money (and the psychology of money); and heterosexual sexual relations as predicted by economic principles.  She has authored more than 150 scholarly publications and served as the editor of 8 books, and she has written extensively on self-regulation, intrapersonal and interpersonal processes, the objective consequences of self-esteem, free will beliefs, bulimic symptoms, and consequences of self-control failure on impulsive behavior.