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Diane M. Mackie, Ph.D.

Diane M. Mackie

After receiving her BA and MA from the University of Auckland, New Zealand, in 1978, Diane worked as a research assistant for a year at the University of Geneva, Switzerland. She received her MA and PhD in Social Psychology from Princeton University in 1984 and was hired by UCSB in the same year. The author of more than 100 articles and chapters on social influence and intergroup relations, Diane is also co-author (with Eliot Smith, Purdue University) of an introductory social psychology textbook, Social Psychology (3rd Edition, 2007). A fellow of APS, SESP, and SPISSI, she serves on the editorial boards of many of the major social psychology journals, and has been Associate Editor for Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, Group Processes and Intergroup Relations, and Personality and Social Psychology Review. She includes among her professional honors being named the Western Psychological Association Outstanding Researcher Award in 1992; the Psi Chi Distinguished Lecturer, Rocky Mountain Psychological Association in 2000, and the winner of the Gordon Allport Intergroup Relations Award, from the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues, in 1998.

Contact Information
Phone: (805) 893-2057
Fax: (805) 893-4303
E-Mail: mackie@psych.ucsb.edu
Office: UCSB Psychology East (Building 251), Room 3815


Current Graduate Students

Megan Reed







Megan graduated with High Honors from UC Davis in 2013, where she received a BA in Psychology and Art History. Her research interests include influence, perception, and culture. She is entering her fifth year as a graduate student in the Social Evaluations and Emotions lab.


Anudhi Munasinghe

Anudhi Munasinghe


Anudhi graduated summa cum laude from York University in 2016 with a Specialized Honors B.A. in Psychology. Her research interests include intergroup emotions and the impact of culture on behavioral, cognitive, and motivational patterns. Anudhi is entering her second year as a graduate student in the Social Evaluations and Emotions Lab.


Vinnie Wu



Vinnie graduated from UC Irvine in 2013, receiving a BA in Psychology and Social Behaviors with the Excellence in Research distinction. Her research interests include motivation, emotions, and culture. Vinnie is entering her first year as a graduate student in the Social Evaluations and Emotions Lab. She also works with Dr. Shelly Gable in the Emotion, Motivation, Behavior, and Relationships (EMBeR) Lab.


Rammy Salem



Rammy graduated from Cornell University in 2010, where he received a BA in Government and Near Eastern Studies, and completed the Post-Baccalaureate Program in Psychology and Social Behavior at UC Irvine in 2016. His research interests include motivated reasoning, morality, and intergroup relations. Rammy is entering his first year as a graduate student in the Social Evaluations and Emotions Lab.




Past Graduate Students

Janet V.T. Pauketat

Janet Pauketat


Ph.D. granted 2017

Currently Post Doctoral Researcher
Princeton University








W. Anthony Scroggins

Anthony Scroggins


Ph.D. granted 2016

Currently Research Psychologist
Army Research Institute





Diana J. Leonard

Diana Leonard


Ph.D. granted 2012

Currently Assistant Professor
Lewis & Clark College, Department of Psychology







Devin G. Ray

Devin Ray

Ph.D. granted 2009

Currently Lecturer
University of Aberdeen, School of Psychology
Scotland, UK






Wesley G. Moons



Ph.D. granted 2008

Currently CEO
Moons Analytics





Angela T. Maitner

Angie Maitner


Ph.D. granted 2007

Currently Assistant Professor - Psychology
American University of Sharjah, Department of International Studies
United Arab Emirates






Zoe Kinias


Angie Maitner


Ph.D. granted 2007

Currently Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior






Crystal L. Wright



Ph.D. granted 2000

Currently Associate Professor
Department of Psychology
Division of Behavioral Sciences, Maryville College



Teresa Garcia-Marques



Ph.D. granted 1999

Currently Professor
Instituto Superior de Psicologia Aplicada, Lisbon, Portugal

Sarah B. Hunter

Ph.D. granted 1999

Currently Associate Behavioral Scientist
RAND Corporation, Santa Monica, CA



Francine Rosselli

Ph.D. granted 1996

Currently Assistant Professor
Department of Psychology, Manchester Community College, Manchester CT

John J. Skelly


BJ Rydell


Ph.D. granted 1993

Currently Managing Partner
King Brown Partners, San Francisco, CA



Leila T. Worth


BJ Rydell


Ph.D. granted 1988

Currently employed with Diagnostic Imaging
Denver, Colorado



Past Post Doctoral Researchers

Robert J. Rydell

BJ Rydell


UCSB Post-Doc 2006-2007

Currently Assistant Professor
Indiana University - Bloomington, Department of Psychology





Patricia Garcia-Prieto Chevalier



UCSB Post-Doc 2003-2004

In honor of and admiration for our colleague and friend Patricia Garcia-Prieto Chevalier who lost her courageous battle against melanoma in 2013.  In 2003-04 Patricia was a sparkling presence as a post-doc in the social emotions lab here at UCSB with her husband Alex and the first little emperor in their lives, Hadrien (another little emperor, Aurelien, came along later). Patrica beat all odds and every record in thriving for 5 years after her diagnosis, and the power that allowed her to do this was her indomitable adoration for the three men in her life. Her courage, her determination, and her love are her legacy to her little guys.


Heather M. Claypool

Heather Claypool


UCSB Post-Doc 2001-2003

Currently Professor
Miami University, Department of Psychology





Thierry Devos

Angie Maitner


UCSB Post-Doc 1997-1998

Currently Professor
San Diego State University, Department of Psychology





Herbert Bless

Heather Claypool


UCSB Post-Doc 1988-1989

Currently Professor
Mannheim University, FRG





Past Graduate Students
Intergroup Relations Lab


Sarah Queller

Ph.D. granted 1997

Currently Research Scientist
Department of Psychology, Indiana University


Mina Ahn


Ph.D. granted 1996

Currently Adjunct Professor
Bergen Community College, NJ



Maria Cecilia Gastardo-Conaco



Ph.D. granted 1989

Currently Professor
The University of the Philippines, Quezon City, Manilla