Adar Eisenbruch

Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences

University of California, Santa Barbara



Queen’s University Belfast, United Kingdom

MA, Cognition and Culture, with distinction

Thesis: Religion and Sexual Selection. Advisor: E. Thomas Lawson.

December 2010


9th International Summer School and Symposium on Humour and Laughter, University of Granada, Spain

Attended 40 hours of lecture on the psychometrics, physiology and sociology of humor and laughter; participated in symposium.

June 29-July 4, 2009


The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland

BA, Political Science

May 2008


Research Experience

Study on Moral Contagion (Hillary Lenfesty)

Results presented at International Association for the History of Religions 2010 World Congress

Research Assistant: Served as experimenter’s confederate; assisted in recruiting participants.


Personality, Preferences and Resource Allotments (Colin Holbrook, Jared Piazza, Paulo Sousa and Dan Fessler)

Research Assistant: Set up laboratory; recruited participants; ran study on participants; recorded experimental data.


Teaching Assistant Experience

Introduction to Psychology (psych 1)