Recent and Selected Media Coverage

October, 2016

State Times, Trump Supporters 'Threatened' by Ethnic Diversity

International Business Times, White Trump supporters 'threatened' by ethnic diversity

RTT News, White Americans 'threatened' By Ethnic Diversity Likely To Support Trump: Study

PHYS.Org, Study suggests the reason many white Americans support Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election

March, 2016

Psych Central, Fear of Rejection Stresses Overweight Women

Shape, How Fear of Rejection Makes You Gain Weight

Medical News Today, The weight of rejection

The Health Site, Fear of date rejection is one the causes of stress in heavy women

The Free Press Journal, Fear of date rejection causes stress in heavy women

February, 2016

UC Santa Barbara The Current, A Flawed Measure

UCLA Newsroom, Don't use body mass index to determine whether people are healthy, UCLA-led study says

KCLU, UCSB, UCLA Study Questions Validity of Commonly Use BMI for Health Assessments

January, 2016

Harvard Business Review, Diversity Policies Rarely Make Companies Fairer, and They Feel Threatening to White Men

Forbes, The Real Problem With Diversity Programs: Too Many Lawyers.

Huffington Post, Diversity Programs Are Failing Minorities. Here's a Better Way

Washington Post, Workplace diversity policies 'don't help' - and 'make white men feel threatened'

Inc., Why Most Diversity Programs Don't Work

New York Magazine, White Men Are Butthurt About Workplace Diversity

Fortune, How Corporate Diversity Programs Alienate White Men

CNN Money, Can't hack it: Tech's diversity efforts are 'a failure'

PayScale, Diversity Talk Makes White Men Anxious, and Other Reasons Diversity Programs Fail

Slate, You Say You Want a Diverse Workforce

Independent Journal, Harvard Highlights a Study About Workplace Diversity - The Results Are Far from Politically Correct

The Fiscal Times, Corporate Diversity Policies 'Threaten' White Men

Take Part, Why Are Workplace Diversity Initiatives Failing?

Above the Law, What Could Improve Diversity in the Legal Profession in 2016?

HC Online, The dark side of diversity policies

Cheat Sheet, Diversity Policies are Failing, and Here's Why

November, 2015

Jeff Hunger interviewed with the New York Times on the psychological health effects of weight stigma.

February, 2015

Dr. Major awarded the Donald T. Campbell Award from the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, along with her colleague Jennifer Crocker.  First given in 1980, the award recognizes “distinguished scholarly achievement and ongoing sustained excellence in research in social psychology.”

October, 2014

Dr. Major awarded the Gordon Allport Intergroup Relations Prize from the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues for her paper with Cheryl Kaiser and others titled “Presumed fair: Ironic effects of organizational diversity structures” published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

Dr. Major received the 2014 Scientific Impact Award from the Society for Experimental Social Psychology for her paper with Jennifer Crocker: Crocker, J., & Major, B. (1989). Social stigma and self-esteem: The self-protective properties of stigma. Psychological review, 96, 608-630. The Scientific Impact Award honors the author(s) of a specific article or chapter offering a theoretical, empirical, and/or methodological contribution that has proven highly influential over the last 25 years.

September, 2014

Dr. Blodorn discusses Ethnic variation in gender-STEM stereotypes and STEM participation with Diverse Education

Inside Higher Education covers Dr. Blodorn's article on Ethnic variation in gender-STEM stereotypes and STEM participation

August, 2014

Dr. Major discusses Lessons in Self-Worth with The UC Santa Barbara Current

July, 2014

How might workplace diversity initiatives mask discrimination?

May, 2014

Dr. Major speaks to NPR about the Best Way to Get Women to Run for Office

March, 2014

Psychology Today covers Dr. Major's article on The Ironic Effects of Weight Stigma

January, 2014

Obesity Stigma May Have Negative Consequences

Weight Stigma May Have Negative Consequences

Media Focus on Obesity May Backfire for Some Women