Dr. Alison Blodorn

Post-Doctoral Research Associate

Doctoral Degree: Tulane University, 2013

Master's Degree: Tulane University, 2009

Bachelor's Degree: University of California, Santa Barbara, 2007


I recently completed my doctoral degree at Tulane University and I am now working as a post-doctoral research associate at UC Santa Barbara. My primary research interests lie in stigma and prejudice and I have several inter-related lines of research that investigate these topics. First, my research seeks to develop a better understanding of factors that influence perceptions of prejudice and the consequences of perceiving prejudice among both perpetrators and targets of prejudice. Second, I am interested in examining evaluations of high status versus low status discrimination claimants and the mechanisms underlying these evaluations. Finally, I am interested in understanding the psychological, behavioral, and physiological consequences of experiencing weight-based stigmatization and social identity threat.

PDF of Curriculum Vitae (Updated February 2016)