Join the Lab

The Social Cognitive Development Lab is growing, and we are recruiting people at all levels of experience to join the lab. Please see the research page for information about the types of current projects we have going in the lab that you might be interested in, or feel free to suggest a related topic of your own.

Graduate Students

Are you interested in graduate study at the University of California Santa Barbara? The Social Cognitive Development Lab is currently accepting graduate students through the Psychological & Brain Sciences (P&BS) program. Please visit the PBS webpage to learn more about the graduate program here and the application process. If you share the research interests of the lab, and are interested in pursuing graduate research in the Social Cognitive Development Lab, please contact Dr. Zoe Liberman.

Undergraduate Students

Developmental Psychology is a team science and the Social Cognitive Development Lab always has research opportunities for interested and motivated undergraduates. We expect our undergraduates to be involved in all aspects of our research, including opportunities to create stimuli, recruiting new families, test infant participants in the lab, test child participants in local museums and schools, analyze data, and even help formulate new research questions. Research assistants are expected to work for approximately 10 hours per week in the lab, which includes attending a weekly lab meeting. Research assistants can volunteer to work in the lab, or can receive class credit. Due to the amount of training required, a two-quarter commitment is required, but we hope research assistants will want to work even longer, and start their own independent projects!