Lab Alumni

Name Role Current Position Organization
Margaret Tarampi Sage Postdoctoral Fellow 2013 to 2015 Adjunct Instructor Psychology Department, University of Utah
Heather Burte Graduate Student, Ph.D. 2014 Postdoctoral Scholar Department of Psychology, Tufts University
Shamin Padalkar Postdoctoral Fellow 2011 to 2012 Assistant Professor Centre for Education, Innovation & Action Research, TISS, Mumbai
Teacher Professional Development, The Connected Learning Initiative (CLIx)
Peter Khooshabeh Graduate Student, Ph.D. 2009 Research Psychologist and Team Leader
Fellow, USC ICT
US Army Research Laboratory, Human Research and Engineering Directorate, West Coast campus (ARL West)
USC Institute for Creative Technologies
Cheryl Cohen Graduate Student, Ph.D. 2008 Research Health Scientist Veteran's Administration Health Resource Center, Chicago
Thomas Wolbers Postdoctoral Fellow 2006 to 2008 Professor for Ageing and Cognition German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE), University of Magdeburg, Germany
Sarah Kriz Graduate Student, Ph.D. 2006 Lead Social Scientist The MITRE Corporation
Anthony Richardson Graduate Student, Ph.D. 2004 Associate Professor of Psychology Psychology Department, St. Michael's University
Madeleine Keehner Postdoctoral Researcher 2000 to 2002 Managing Senior Research Scientist Educational Testing Service, New Jersey