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Perception of Medical Images & Metrics of image quality

"There are times when an experienced physician sees a visible lesion clearly and times when he does not. This is the baffling problem, apparently partly visual and partly psychologic. They constitute the still unexplained human equation in diagnostic procedures.” Henry Garland, M.D., 1959

“In the last ten years, our basic knowledge of physics of radiological images has increased to such an extent that it cries out to be linked with observer performance studies.” Kurt Rossmann, 1974

Our research aims at understanding the processes by which radiologists/doctors detect and classify disease from images and use this gained knowledge to improve the acquisition, processing and display of medical images. The projects range from basic science studies that try to understand the mechanisms, strategies and algorithms used by radiologists/doctors in trying to detect or classify disease to development of computer metrics of medical image quality and their application to real world medical imaging problems.

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