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Previous Lab Members and Visitors

Lab members have found very different paths from academic jobs in a wide range of departments (from Psychology, Medical Physics, Statistics and Engineering) to industry jobs ranging from biomedical and legal consulting to human factors, and high-tech.

Emre Akbas, Professor, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Middle Technical University, Turkey
Jay Bartroff,
Ph.D., Associate Professor, Dept. of Statistics, University of Sourthern California
Francois O. Bochud, Ph.D.,
Director, Institute of Applied Radiophysics., University of Laussanne
Eamon Caddigan, Ph,D, Federal Aviation Administration
Avi Caspi, Ph.D., Research Scientist, Second Sight, San Diego
Kelly Chen, MA, Attorney

Christoph Rasche, Ph.D., Researcher, Politechnical Univ. of Bucharest
Koel Das, Ph.D., Assistant Prof., Indian Insititute of Science & Engineering Res., Calcutta, India
Jason Droll, Ph.D., MEA Forensic, Engineering and Scientific Consulting
Fei Guo , M.A.., Software Engineer Puppet Labs, Oregon
Ilmari Kurki, Ph.D., Lecturer, University of Helsinki
Casimir Ludwig, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Dept. of Psychology, University of Bristol
Katie Koehler, PhD, Riot Games, Santa Monica, CA
Steve Mack, Ph.D., Riot Games Santa Monica, CA
Amir Meghdadi, Ph.D., Advanced Brain Monitoring, CA

Richard Murray, Ph.D
, Professor, Department of Psychology, York University
Matt Peterson, PhD, Postdoc, Brain and Cognitive Sciences, MIT
Charles Or, PhD, Assistant Prof., Nanjang Technical University, Singapore
Binh Pham, Ph.D., Senior Engineer, Idaho National Laboratory
Steven S. Shimozaki, Ph.D.,
Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Leicester, UK
Sheng Zhang, Ph.D., Research Scientist, Google
Yani Zhang, Ph.D.
Software Engineer, RTEC