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Some pictures from bbqs and VSS 2011

Sheng and Fei relax VSS 2011 post-presentation at Peruvian restaurant (undisclosed location) which location all lab members are sworn to secrecy upon joining the VIU-lab...and promise to keep from the eclectic buds of the NYU vision community.


Katie presents her first poster at VSS 2011 in candlelight setting.


Front: Wade and Kim enjoy the VIU the back Ilmari Kurki and Sofie just arrive from Finland...


A VIU classic: Matt and Steve doing their tiger-milk ritual at the Peruvian. Both also claim to have Adonis DNA....beware!


VIU bbq as a goodbye party for Koel returning to a faculty position in India and welcoming Ilmari arriving to the lab from Finland.


Matt and Steve, cozying up at the back of Miguel's beaten-coupe on the way to Santa Ynez wineries.