7/18 New paper Nature Human Behavior: Category learning
4/18 New Medical Physics paper on medical image perception
12/1/17 New PLOS Computational Biology: Objected detection with a foveated visual system
9/17 New in Current Biology: Humans vs. Deep Neural Networks
9/17 J. of Neuroscience paper: Eye movements and central vision loss
8/3/17 Annual Review in Vision Sci.: Probabilistic Computations for
Attention, Eye Movements.and Search

5/10/17 New PNAS paper on collective wisdom in search
4/3/17 Attention Allocation Aid for Human/Computer Interaction
2/15/17 The role of periperal processing in 3D search
2/15/17 Model observers for 3D imaging, SPIE Med. Imaging
10/10/16 New papers on scene context: JEP-HP & JOV
8/20/16 NIPS paper on peripheral architecture for clutter metrics
3/20/16 Cosyne workshop on recent advances in attention
2/5/16 Paper on models with Computed Tomography
11/20/15 New paper on human/robots mixed teams
9/10/15 New JOV paper on Eye movements to faces across cultural groups
6/25/15 New JEP paper on the flexibility of collective wisdom
6/15/15 Summer Institute for Cog. Neuroscience (computational methods) at UCSB
6/10/15 New paper on optimality of eye movements and rewards
4/15/15 Katie Koehler wins best TA prize and VSS travel award
3/15/15 New paper on Multimodal neuroimaging and search
2/20/15 Kamil Ugurbli, Sage Visitor
1/20/15 New IEEE paper on model observers for medical images
1/15/15 New paper on pattern classifiers and EEG
1/10/15Terry Sejnowski, Sage Visitor
10/23/14 Bob Desimone, Sage Lecturer
8/20/14 New paper on the dynamics of learning perceptual templates
6/15/14 Summer Institute for Cognitive Neuroscience (Attention) at UCSB
6/3/14 Sabine Kastner, Sage Visitor
3/5/14 Daniel Wolpert, Sage Lecturer
3/1/14 New Journal of Vision paper: What do saliency models predict?
1/1/14 New PNAS paper on the independence of foveal and peripheral selection during search
11/20/13 New paper on Learning optimal eye movements to unusual faces
8/10/13 New: Individual differences in eye movements to faces in Psych. Science (video)
5/20/13 New paper on neural representations of scene context during search in J, Neuroscience
5/1/13 Sage Center Distinguished Visiting Fellow: John-Dylan Haynes for the month of May
2/8/13 New paper on spatial cues and optimality of decisions in honey bees, monkeys and humans
11/12/12 New PNAS paper: Looking just below the eyes is optimal across face recognition tasks
7/10/12 New J. of Neuroscience paper on the neural coding of search for objects in real scenes